Choose a Natural Sleep Aid Remedy

Remember how it felt to wake up feeling rested, rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day? You can get back there again. Deep, uninterrupted and consistent nightly rest is right around the corner with Sleep Aid.

  • All natural
  • Non-habit forming
  • Sustaining
  • Effective

Finally! No more sleepless nights

Whether you experience lack of or shallow sleep, mood swings, mild or temporary pain, or feelings of stress or anxiousness, sleep aid can help. By stabilizing the natural serotonin levels in your body, Sleep Aid will help you get back to rest tonight so you can have a fuller, more enjoyable day tomorrow.

"For years I've struggled falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up feeling rested. Coming back from serving in Iraq for a year those issues only compounded. I have found when I use Sleep Aid consistently the issues subside significantly. I wake up less in the night and fall asleep more easily. Sleeping well and waking rested impact the rest of my life and for that I'm willing to take a few drops a day"
Devan, Kentucky

No scary side effects. No dependency.

Unlike most prescription and over-the-counter sleeping solutions, Sleep Aid comes without the risk of dependency, groggy mornings and harmful side effects that other sleep remedies may cause when taken with your regular medications. Sleep Aid's all-natural ingredients return your body to its natural rhythm without the risk of causing additional symptoms and side effects to treat.

Sleep Aid helps you get the right amount of sleep.

The amount of sleep we need changes with our age and is dictated by our bodies. Sleep Aid helps find the right balance of rest for each individual naturally and without introducing harmful chemicals and hormones into our system that can cause oversleeping and fatigue.

How does Sleep Aid work?

Sleep Aid assists in restoring a healthy sleeping rhythm by balancing our body's natural production and levels of serotonin. Serotonin plays a critical role in the creation of melatonin — an essential nutrient in the body and the determining factor in whether we get a good night's sleep or spend our resting hours tossing and turning. Melatonin regulates our sleeping patterns, quality and regularity, and can be thrust into unbalance by myriad common issues ranging from everyday stress to lack of sleep, and emotional distress.

Sleep Aid uses all-natural ingredients in their natural proportions to restore regular levels of serotonin to the body without causing dependency. This healthy moderation of serotonin can also assist in alleviating the causes of sleeplessness by mitigating negative hormonal reactions to stress, mood and even mild or temporary pain, promoting restful, consistent sleep and an overall balance to everyday life.

Sleep Aid has all-natural ingredients

Active ingredients in Sleep Aid are native compounds only found in Monocot grasses, such as cereal grains, sugar cane, bamboo, and corn (Zea mays ). We extract the compounds from young grasses and deliver them to you in a concentrated form. We do not alter the compounds and we do not add additional active ingredients not originally found in the native grasses. We provide the compounds unchanged and pure, just as nature designed them.